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If I were God I'd go incognito on vacation to Lebanon ...
Or to Tehran,
In the features of a woman
I’d pull a few beards and kick some blessed asses,
then rekindle the flame
In Olympia.
I’d walk around topless in the streets of Riyadh
of Kabul, of Atlanta or of Islamabad
If I were God
I’d dress the Afghan women with Coco Chanel
the Taliban with Burkacharel.
If I were God
I’d ring a few bells,
distribute some cuffs
and some white condoms
in the halls of the Vatican.
But if I were God really
If I were God ...
I’d ordain my followers ill at ease
as French Secularists
Then I’d go and spend my holidays in some other place.


(Merci à Patricia pour sa traduction de "Si j'étais...")

Tag(s) : #Mes textes
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